Horse poop on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon

Here are samples of emails we have received regarding horse poop on the beach in Pacific City.

Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides have horses that poop all over the beach and dont clean it up. They ride next to the ocean so the poop is washed away, which is absolutely disgusting considering kids play in the water. We will never rent a house down here in the south part where the horses are. It’s absolutely appauling. - Gabriel


We recently rented out a house south of Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides. The beaches are not pleasant. There is horse poop everywhere and their google reviews claim that they clean up the poop themselves. No one has ever picked up the feces and they just let the horses poop on the shore and allow the waves to wash it away.


The horses and horse poop are really becoming bothersome. When I run along the water on the beach in Pacific City, I have to move out of the way or else the horses will practically run me over. Why do they have the right-of-way? What bugs me even more is the poop everywhere. I run into horse poop all the time. It’s disgusting! Dog owners have to clean up after their dogs. Why don't horse owners have to clean up after their horses? - Thomas

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