Pacific City Beach Towing

Is your car stuck on the beach in Pacific City? Do you need a beach rescue?

We had a few people tell us that it is very expensive to get a towing company to help you out when you are stuck on the beach in Pacific City.

Usually, it is just a quick pull to get the family sedan out of the sand before the tide engulfs it. We hear people pay $100 and even $200+ for a tow that only took 20 minutes of work.

One could argue that $200 is cheap if you compare it to the expense you will have if the waves get to your car before the tow truck!

Here is a list of Pacific City Towing companies that sent us information:

Menefee Towing

Bad Girl Towing

Sure Win Towing

Attention: Tow Companies
If you own a tow company and want to give our visitors a set price for different vehicles, please submit your information below. We would really appreciate it.

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