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Bad Girl Towing
Pacific City, Oregon Towing Service

My name is Kim Ford and I am the sole owner and operator of Bad Girl Towing located in Cloverdale OR. I started this business in 2010 however I have over 13 years experience towing and over 25 years experience as an automotive repair technician.

I am a veteran of the US Army National Guard where I served as a mechanic. I am the only female tow operator in my area and only single female owned and operated tow company I can find.

I generally work alone and have no employees so the service is always consistent. I have spent my entire towing career in this area and have pulled out more vehicles stuck in the sand than I could ever remember.

Price list for beach tows (Mention to get the discounted prices below):

Standard stuck in sand, no water close, car or light truck under 3/4 ton, 8am-8pm. $100

Standard stuck in sand, 8am-8pm, 3/4 ton or larger pickup. $150

Larger vehicles $200+

After hours add $25

Water to customer vehicle or my truck but nothing is floating add $50

2nd hook up add $45

Customer vehicle is floating in the water or not sitting on it's tires. Add $200+


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