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Doryland Pizza Reviews
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From Rob in Portland OR:

Pelican Pub had an hour waiting list last weekend so we decided to go across the street to Doryland Pizza.

The good: We were pleasantly surprised and happy about their fairly large selection of beer on tap. The pizza was very cheeezy and garlicy (Just the way we like it) and greeeezy goooood. The establishment also looks pretty clean and new looking.

The bad: Slow service. There was like almost no one there, yet it took them an hour to make the pizza (which was ironically the waiting list time at Pelican Pub). Also, it would't hurt the business if the employees put on a smile once in a while and pretended that they at least sort of like their job.

It wasn't the oceanfront we were going for, but it filled our tummys and made us fat and happy.

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Doryland Pizza
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