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Pacific City Airport
Information about Pacific City Airport

By land, by sea, and yes, by AIR.....

Just another treat PC has to offer... our own air strip right in the center of town.
Flying clubs and individuals all over the northwest know our airport for being one of the very few strips that is walking distance to the beach.  It is located parallel to Brooten Road and has all the amenities of a big city port (well almost).

It is 1875 feet long and a nice 30 feet wide.  It is level and smooth with thick asphalt and is owned and maintained by Oregon State Aeronautics. Wind direction is typically either north or south making for easy landing and take off with rarely a side wind.  It has a nice lit parking area at the north end with tie downs for about a dozen planes and a wind sock and a restroom.

After landing, one can walk to the beach or to all the facilities in Pacific City including lodging, food, shopping and sightseeing. We often have "fly ins" and is great fun for the observers to watch then come in low and take off high... (pilots be aware that during winter storms and high tide, it may be flooded)

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PS. Check out Salmon fry at the Pacific City Airport

One of the first planes to Pacific City Airport 1930's


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