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Coast Watch
Coast Watch Program keeping Oregon's Coastline clean and safe

CoastWatchers keep track of both natural changes and human impacts. The minimum commitment asked is simply four visits to the adopted mile per year, during which the volunteer is asked to fill out a quarterly report.  (Of course, we hope that people will monitor their miles far more often, and most do.)  Information gathered is shared where it will do the most good--it goes not only to Oregon Shores, the parent group, but to regulatory agencies, local jurisdictions or neighbors along the mile in question.

CoastWatchers track such phenomena as erosion, beached birds and changes in the material in the driftline.  They pick up litter (quite a few have set up organized litter pick-ups), report such things as vehicles outside posted limits or harvesting violations, and take a long-term interest in land use planning and State Parks management plans as they affect their miles.

For more information on how you can support the program or become a voluntreer, call or email Phillip Johnson at
503-238-4450 or


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