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Timeshares in Oregon
Pacific City - Timeshares in Oregon

As I've mentioned, people that find this website are seeking something special in life. You are discerning travelers who prefer quiet sophistication to highly-trafficked tourist destinations. That is why you are drawn to Pacific City, this area represents charm without commercialization. You have high standards, and you are financially savvy. This is why you should consider purchasing timeshare.

Perhaps you've heard tales of the timeshare industry and dismissed the option of purchasing one due to stories of hard sells and salesmen misrepresentation. Due to industry regulations, these days now reside firmly in the past. Timeshares have earned a solid reputation, and it is time to give the business concept a second chance...

Within the last year, there has been a dramatic increase of timeshare resales on the market. Purchasing a timeshare resale means buying directly from an owner and avoiding high developer's fees and markups. Cutting out the middleman can translate into up to 65% off the resort price. This means savvy buyers receive thousands of dollars in savings - and they become part of a community of people who are able to take premium vacations at a fraction of the cost.

Timeshares are so special BECAUSE...They are truly a home away from home, with comforts people would typically not find in most hotel rooms. Timeshares mean enormous rooms, private balconies and jacuzzi bathtubs. Kitchens are stocked with the necessary tools for meal preparations, which means you will save hundreds of dollars by cooking at home. Owners have access to countless amenities such as top-notch spas, gourmet restaurants and world-class golf resorts. Children have many opportunities for activities with miniature golf courses, pristine swimming pools, table-tennis and racquetball courts located on-site. And parents can take advantage of concierge services, certified babysitters and resort planned events.

One timeshare in Pacific City that comes to mind is The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda. Each two- or three-bedroom cottage provides a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, is filled with cherry wood furniture and has heated bathroom floors. Its private decks offer comfortable seating and charcoal grills. And the resort's superior concierge service provides its guests with ideas on where to go, restaurant recommendations and tickets to local events. The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda are also available through timeshare rentals, which is an excellent way for individuals to get a true sense of the community before they purchase timeshare.

Buying timeshare enables individuals to lock in today's prices for a lifetime of vacation and avoid hotel room rate inflation for as long as the timeshare is owned. And timeshares can be gifted, donated, or willed so they can be passed down the generations. Whether you are a frequent traveler or only go on vacation once a year, an Oregon timeshare is an alternative investment to an ALTERNATIVE DESTINATION.

Of course, buying a timeshare is a major purchase decision, so take time to learn whether or not a timeshare is right for you. You can do this by visiting online resellers with tons of information and advice like and others. If you prefer the great outdoors instead of luxury condos, you would probably rather spend time at one of several beautiful Pacific City campgrounds located in the surrounding area.

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