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TWIST Wine Company
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TWIST Wine Company is the tasting room that showcases the wines made by Chenin & Sean Carlton. Our labels include Basket Case, Shy Chenin, Reversal & Stumbling Block -- multiple labels for the multiple personalities of the wines we produce. From our Reserve label Reversal to our Wednesday night red label Basket Case to our white/rosé label Shy Chenin to the fun Stumbling Block blends our goal is to make good fun wines. Life's too short to w(h)ine about it.

TWIST Wine Co. now encompasses four wine brands: Basket Case Wines, Shy Wines, Reversal Wines and Stumbling Block. Each one of these brands is a snapshot of one of our many split personalities. Someone once said it was possible to have your cake and eat it too, and we couldn't agree more. Why sell yourself short? Instead of having one brand that had to cater to all our needs, we decided to create a separate brand for each type of drinking opportunity we encounter. We make wines with personality!

Our Split Personalities
In early 2006, after nearly ten years of development, we started our own wine company. Our goal was twofold. First, we wanted to make fun lovin', low stress, high impact anti-elitist wines that you could drink everyday without breaking the bank. Released in 2006, Basket Case is representative of our attitude-work hard, play hard, and have fun doing both-without raiding your retirement account. There are two wines under the Basket Case label, a Syrah & and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our second goal was to make the best wine we knew how to make-a no holds barred approach to making wine that was unencumbered by cost, tradition, or style. These wines were to be reflections of our ideas of the perfect wine. We launched a Chenin Blanc and Rosé, currently from the Syrah grape under our Shy Chenin label. The inspiration for this label was thirty-something years in the making. Chenin's parents planted a Chenin Blanc vineyard while her mom was pregnant with her, so they named her after the vineyard, and ever since, she has been a dedicated Chenin Blanc fan. This label is our tribute to her, as well as our way of making fun wines that are as true to the grape expression as we can get. Also look for a Chenin Blanc Ice Wine in 2010.

In 2008 we proudly released our first red wine under the no expense spared lineage, Reversal. A Syrah from a single vineyard source from Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. A Cabernet Sauvignon will follow in 2010. From the start, we wanted to name this wine in honor of our journey...a journey that is not just a career but a way of life. Not long after we struck out on our own we passed a chalkboard upon which was written the following quote:

"The world you want to live in isn't going to happen unless you stand up and do something about it."

It summed up exactly what we were trying to accomplish-a new way of doing things. Enron, Worldcom, partisan politics, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, corporate irresponsibility and environmental neglect are all symptoms of the same problem: small in prevalence, but overwhelming in influence, greed has benefited few but corrupted many. When we shrunk that chalkboard quote down to a one word wine brand, Reversal fit perfectly. In one word it captured our entire journey. Reversal-For a long time, people have been asking the question, "What's in it for me?" We think it's about time for the answer to be, "A better place in which to live.

Stumbling Block is our newest wine personality. A place for the orphans, the wines we've made but that don't quite fit the mold of the other three labels. The Stumbling Block White Table wine is a blend that's fruity and light. For those who like a red without the bite and a bit less tannin and more fruit, the Stumbling Block Red blend is sure to please.

You can visit our the tasting room in downtown Pacific City at 6425 Pacific Ave.

Pacific City Visitor's Guide thanks the Twist Wine Company for the above information. Call them at 503.965.NUTS. Also check, check out other Pacific City Restaurants.


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