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Fireworks on the beach in Pacific City
Can I use fireworks on the beach in Pacific City?

Oregon Law bans all fireworks on Pacific City beaches. If you are caught setting off fireworks, you can expect steep fines.

As in previous years, we expect a strong presence of law enforcement on the beaches this year. We urge you to not use fireworks in Pacific City.

Not only are fireworks illegal on Pacific City beaches, they are dangerous for people, wildlife, and vegetation around the beaches. Fireworks cause devastating burns, fires, and even deaths every year. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT bring fireworks to Pacific City beaches.

Most places where you can rent or stay in Pacific City also have strict policies against fireworks. We recommend that you do not light fireworks ANYWHERE in Pacific City.

For those who just can’t stand to be without fireworks, note that Pacific City usually has a 4th of July fireworks display at Bob Straub State Park every year.

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