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Pacific City Fireworks
Pacific City Annual Fireworks

The Pacific City Fireworks show is an annual event in Pacific City to celebrate 4th of July. Are you looking for some excitement and lights in the sky? We can't think of a better way to celebrate 4th of July, than to see the spectacular Pacific City Fireworks.

The Pacific City Fireworks show is located at the Bob Straub State Park, but not necessarily on the actual Independence Day every year.

To find out when it is held this year, please see the Pacific City Calendar

Important note about fireworks in Pacific City:
Do NOT bring your own fireworks to Pacific City.
Learn more here:
Fireworks on the beach

Thank You
We here at the Pacific City Visitor's Guide thank the Pacific City business community for making this great event possible every year. You can find many of these businesses in the Pacific City Business Directory


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