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Stories by J.D. Adams
Short stories By J.D. Adams

At the end of the Oregon Trail, in the heart of the Willamette Valley lies Salem, Oregon, birthplace of JD Adams. As a descendent of Oregon Trail Pioneer William Lysander Adams, his writing is a celebration of life on the edge of discovery.

Mr. Adams has peered into the past through the lens of a camera, and explored ancient visions in pursuit of the ghosts of history. He inhabits the Willamette Valley as an electronics engineer experienced in radio frequency technology and manufacturing, but in rare moments, he enjoys hiking, fly fishing, photography, writing, and inventing.

When the writer emerges, JD Adams fuses past and present to create a unique experience for the reader, who travels through the corridors of time, moving through the clouds on the wings of high flight, while the wind slowly buries lost cities of gold.

Echoes of Lewis and Clark
Few missions have succeeded so impressively in their completion as the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

The Cows of Town Lake
On the edge of Town Lake, worms were failing us in our quest for trout. Our hopeful casts into the lake had melted into philosophical daydreams while forest reflections danced on the tea-colored water.

Hazards of Extreme Camping
Seeking direction as a youth, I bought a compass and wandered into the savage heart of the wilderness. Oregon's history came alive as I retraced pioneer trails and skied cross-country to skyline camps.

Journey of the Steelhead
The creek tumbles down misty canyons of the coast range, winding its way to the sea. It passes through mossy corridors of maple and cedar, roaring over boulders, sliding across down timber, then pouring into green pools that are smooth as glass.

Fishing Oregon
Yesterday and Today

In the timing of the line hand with the rod hand, the hemispheres of the brain may seem uncooperative. To throw a good flat loop of line, the rod tip should travel through a limited range.

Bandon’s Garden of the Gods
The Southern Oregon Coast is a photographer’s dream world sculpted by the tides, of stone silhouettes set into sweeping curves of sand.

The Mysteries of the Pleistocene
The Pleistocene Epoch spans a time from 2.6 million years ago to the end of the last Ice Age at 12,000 years Before Present. It is an immensely interesting period because of the existence of legendary, enigmatic creatures and people.

The Mystery of the Port Orford Meteorite
Although its value has been estimated at millions of dollars, it has remained stubbornly out of reach since 1860.

Trail to Oregon
Oregon Trail: The origin of the name Oregon has been obscured by the patina of history.

Vision Westward
The Oregon Trail tested all who came, demanding strength and determination.

Oregon's Date with Destiny
The legendary landscape of the Pacific Northwest beckons today much as it did centuries ago when lone mountain men returned with tales of a western world that stirred the imagination.

Phantom Trails
of the Santiam Canyon

Unfolded before me is a Willamette National Forest map from 1937, rescued from obscurity with a portrayal of a dynamic landscape of unrefined power.

Phantom Roads, Tunnels, and Archways of the Oregon Coast
Ever changing, the Oregon Coast remains an enigmatic gift to future generations.

The Secrets of Mt. Hebo
Mount Hebo rises abruptly to an elevation of 3,176 ft. in the Northern Oregon Coast Range on the border between Tillamook County and Yamhill County.

The Blue Agate of Taft Beach
Blue agate is a gemstone of rare elegance; some varieties are more highly prized than diamond. We found our blue agate in Lincoln City on an area of Taft Beach where beachcombers may note an abundant diversity of collectable objects.

The Reality of Near Earth Objects
The Earth has been a stage where countless scenes have played out from a script that was written by fate. Every form of life will have its time in the sun, until changing conditions allow new species to reign.

The Legacy of the Neanderthals
The Neanderthals are the nearest species preceding modern man.

Remembering Tom McCall
In this era of partisan gridlock and political regression, we can look to the past with a sense of nostalgia.


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