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Churches and Camps
Pacific City Churches and Camps

Presbyterian Church
35305 Brooten Road
Pacific City
(503) 965-6229

Pacific Coast Bible Church
35170 Brooten Road
Pacific City
(Next to Post Office)
(503) 965-7222

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
34560 Parkway Drive ~ Cloverdale
(503) 392-3685
(Three miles north of PC)

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
38000 Hwy 101 ~ Cloverdale
(503) 392-4111
(Three miles north of PC)

Hemlock Church of The Nazarene
19005 Hwy 101 ~ Cloverdale
(503) 398-5454
(Four miles north of PC)

Winema Christian Church and Camp
Providing a Christian Camping experience for youth and adults through Christian Education and fellowship in the surrounding beauty of God's Creation.

Bible Information
Go here to prepare for Sunday.


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